Professional Website Maintenance Services

Website Maintenance & Support Services
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Our aim is to offer end to end solutions that help and support organizations for frictionless development and all available opportunities. In order to remain ahead of the opposition, you want to collaborate with a professional website maintenance company that you can rely on. And can proactively advise you while also delivering ongoing website support that ensures that your business is well taken care of.  

Professional Website Maintenance Services, offered by Sharp Net Design

Will ensure that your online presence is always safe & secure

WordPress Maintenance


Plugins, Themes and Core WordPress maintenance benefits that guarantee the integrity of your website without any external disturbance or interference.



Security: Virus and Malware Maintenance


Ensure the protection of your website by preventing it from being blacklisted by email spam filters and search engines that can negatively affect the everyday running of your business.

Website Maintenance Packages


Our Website Maintenance Packages ensure that all our clients’ websites remain running smoothly. And protect against unwanted errors and bugs that may disrupt any of your functions. In case of any website issues, our clients can be assured that our technical team will act swiftly to diagnose and ensure the problem is solved as soon as possible.

We offer competitive Website Maintenance prices.

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6 reasons you may need website maintenance

Professional Website Maintenance Services

Want more out of your website but don’t know how


Would you rather have a partner that will assist you with development, design and maintenance of all the pages on your website? With our annual Website Maintenance Packages, we can plan and manage the process of ensuring the safety of your website. We will take steps to ensure that your business and clients are safe from potential security breaches. Therefore, make our service a priority for your online business.

Want to be secure of malware infecting databases, emails & more


With our Website Maintenance Services, all potential vulnerabilities are strengthened in order to protect your business and your clients.


Website is slow and under preforming


If your website is running slow, that creates a poor user experience, high bounce rates and the loss of potential opportunities. With the use of various analysis tools, regular website maintenance and one of our well-supported hosting packages, your website will be ticking all the boxes.

Sharp Net Design Website Maintenance Services

Website has errors


Errors on your website or content that is out of date and no longer relevant. And you have reached a point where you have no clue how to fix it. You might be worried that you’ll ruin something on the website. With Sharp Net Design’s website assistance, these issues will be a thing of the past.

Website is down & no help is in sight


This can be the most damaging problem a website can possibly experience. It will have a negative impact on sales, potential leads and your reputation. Especially catastrophic for stores that are exclusively online. However, with Sharp Net Design as your trusted e-commerce website maintenance partner, you’ll rarely experience downtime again.

Frustrated with the customer service of an existing supplier


Your business will experience the difference with Sharp Net Design’s professional website support. You will gain instant relief by placing your website with a company that will always put your needs before all else. You can now experience quick action, clear communication and, most importantly, peace of mind.

If you are experiencing any of these frustrations or concerns, now is the time for change

Let us take the load off your shoulders and allow your business to grow without limitations

How our web maintenance packages work?

Professional Website Maintenance Services

Competitive Professional Website Maintenance Solutions


Our Website Maintenance Packages are especially designed for all online businesses. And to have access to our highly skilled IT experts when you need them most. Having a professional website maintenance partner that will keep your website up to date and that you can rely on. Therefore, you can focus on running your business and knowing that your online presence is in good hands.

Website Maintenance Procedure Checklist

Professional Website Maintenance Service

All of our valued clients will receive a full Premium Website Maintenance 
  • Repairs & Fixes (repairs errors and bugs)
  • Scan for Vulnerabilities (just in case there are any)
  • Browser Compatibility Testing (ensuring the site works and is compatible on all browsers)
  • Software Update (to keep your site up to date with the latest version of software available and also increases security)
  • Website Backups (database and file backups would be automatically performed on a daily basis plus restored on demand)
  • Site Speed (use software to identify issues slowing your sites speed)
  • Functionality (to make sure all features are running smoothly at all times)
  • Analytics (date analytics involves gathering and then assessing traffic coverage and data on your site)
  • Site Monitoring (be the first to know that your site is down. Our reliable monitoring warns you before any significant incident happens in order to make sure your service is 100% online)

When Quality Website Maintenance Service Matters Choose Sharp Net Design

5 reasons why professional external small business IT support is a no-brainer for your business

These days its more common for small business to invest in external Website Maintenance support. Why you might ask? For these 5 very smart reasons.

  1. Reduce IT costs. As we only charge you for the IT support you actually need.
  2. Access to the latest technology. Our team our all-tech obsessives and are always up to date with the latest tech developments. Furthermore, our team is always ready to help our clients with up grading to these new technologies. We like to always ensure our clients are improving efficiencies, increasing reliability, and saving them money.
  3. Highly Qualified expertise. Our technicians all have a passion for IT with years of experience. Giving your business immediate access to honest true expert Knowledge. Covering all hardware, software, and networking systems.
  4. Business scalability. The Sharp Net team are always ready to help. As your business grows our team can actively assist you through all changes to your IT systems. We are able to assist you shift your tech strategies and help you reach your business goals.
  5. Let us focus on your business. Don’t stress and leave all your IT issues to us. And spend your time focusing on growing your business and improving your employee’s productivity.


Feel free to contact us and one of our qualified, friendly Website Experts are always happy to assist with any enquires you may have.


Website Design is only one of many quality computer services we provide at Sharp Net Design

Professional Website Maintenance Service

With over 12 years of experience in Web Design & Development, Web Maintenance & Support, SEO, App development service and other essential web services, Sharp Net Design will help your business leave a lasting impression on all your clients online.

Our objective is to create a practical and visual masterpiece, with a smooth and pleasant web experience that is optimized with the aim of driving traffic, increasing engagement and conversions for different types of businesses, across various industries all around the world. We value your business and offer the most professional services to all our clients at the most affordable prices. We also specialize in redesigning existing websites and offer 24/7-hour Web Maintenance & Support to ensure that your website doesn’t suffer from any technical issues and we will have you back online as soon as possible. Contact us and we will ensure your website is ‘Always Looking Sharp’.

We offer a wide range of web services, to ensure that your needs are met. All our services are offered at the highest level and our job isn’t complete unless you are fully satisfied. 

Professional Website Maintenance Service

High Quality Standards

We Pride ourselves on offering the highest Website Design standards available by ensuring that all our clients are completely satisfied with the services that they have received.

Leading Experts

The core reason to our success is that we have built a team of experts that are leaders in their respective fields. All have many years of experience working in different parts of the world.

Affordable Prices

For the level of service that we offer, you will not find more affordable prices anywhere. The saying is “you get what you pay for” however, with us its “you get much more than you pay for”.

Let us improve your business!

Our team of IT experts will convert your ideas and vision into exactly what you’re after, no matter how complex that may seem. We will always offer the right Website Maintenance Service solution for you or your business.